Developing software is our core competency, it's what we like to do and what we're convinced we do well. In an ever more complex and fast changing environment building high quality, usable software requires a professional and exeperienced team. Our work starts by first understanding the customer needs and translating them into software features. Next our focus is to develop the most important functionality as soon as possible and start getting feedback from the customer. Several iterations follow until we have a complete product ready to use. Of course after deploying the solution (to customer premises or in our own hosting solutions), we'll provide ongoing support, so the customer will quickly solve any potential issue. 

Althought we have experience in a variety of application types and platforms, our preferred "stack" is:

  • Windows OS
  • .NET Framework platform (ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Web Services, XAML, Entity Framework, etc.)
  • Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS

We believe this is a scalable combination that covers most scenarios. It can be used for small applications basically free of licensing fees (for example using SQL Server Express) and it can scale to big data centers or cloud, such as Azure.

In addition to the projects published on our Projects page, we have worked with many other under outsourcing terms. While we cannot publish details of them in the website, they include:

  • Tablet app for helping doctors gather and manage patient data in a fast and consistent way. US based customer.
  • Website improvements for a leading US based lightning and energy company.
  • Survey web application for a business consulting company in US.
  • Web GIS solution for an US based transportation alliance.
  • One of the central systems of the Ministry of Education for the Albanian Goverment.
  • Modules for several products for a leading database tools company in US.
  • Website and backend development for a Gold enthusiasts website in US.
  • and many others...