Some of our projects

Bank Marketing Center Bank Marketing Center

This platform provides banks access to thousands of marketing materials and over two million stock photos that can be combined together to create promotional pieces.

PayTV and Mobile System for Distribution PayTV and Mobile System for Distribution

A custom system developed for the main distribution chains for Albanian PayTV (Digitalb) and Mobile platforms in Albania, Kosovo and Europe for Albanian.

Foreign Currency Express Foreign Currency Express

Foreign Currency Express System (FCX) is a transaction processing system developed for Currency Exchange businesses.

Sound Ecology Sound Ecology

Sound Ecology is a system that is used in the process of recruiting people for a particular job.

Sebench Sebench

The Sebench Risk Management (SRM) System is a tool designed to quantify the risk covered by property insurance carriers.

TV Ad Management TV Ad Management

A software developed to track ad broadcasting in TV. Typically they will record all the TV stations they monitor and an operator will watch the content to mark the commercials.

Media Plan Media Plan

A customized system for ad management a television media. Schedule all publicity cuts during the daily program, manage customers and get detailed financial reports for each customer or advertisement.

Imperial Cinemas Tickets Imperial

A management system for cinemas. It offers configuration of cinema halls, ticket tracking and report generation to simplify and automate routine tasks.

In addition to the above we have worked with many more smaller projects, as well as developed partial or full products in outsourcing agreement which we cannot include here because of NDA.