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What is Bank Marketing Center?

The goal of (BMC) is to give banks all the marketing tools that they need to thrive in this economic climate. Banks registered on the site have access to thousands of marketing materials and a set of over two million stock photos that can be used in combination with each other to create promotional pieces that attract new customers. This way it provides a large array of options for creating customized and high-quality ads in very little time.

This site contains two main modules:

  • Admin site
  • Client site

The Admin site is used by a small number of users with high privileges who create products and product templates which will be used by banks on the Client site.

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A product generally consists of a base PDF file and a list of text fields and images all of whom have a predefined spot on the PDF. All products have default values and images predefined and this default version is presented to the clients so that they can get a general look and feel for the product.

When ordering a product, a client sees the default version and can change the content, size, color and and image / text for each area in the product. Images can be picked from the site's collection, or the client can upload new ones.

After customizing all texts, logos and images, users preview the result before submitting the order.

In order to help client side users find the right product for them BMC groups these products into categories and provides a search mechanism where user can search by name and sizes.

All orders are then approved by special users that handle this task for each bank. After the approval, users have access to the ad in PDF format or one of the image formats. Users can also send some products to WiFi Frame devices and specify the order of appearance and schedule of the products on these devices.

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BMC has an exhaustive notification system that notifies clients in real time for each action taken on their order. Also, at any moment clients have a clear view of their order history grouped by the status of the order. They can always see or edit any of their past orders and maybe reorder them.

Every aspect of the BMC is configurable from the admin site. Admin users can manage all entities of the system such banks, products and users and configure the behavior for all of them. For banks, admins specify the bank's data, what parts of the system will the bank have access to, the approval process, etc. Admins also configure the products' layouts, colors, texts and available images. And, last but not least, admins also manage the access and permissions of all other users.


Technical Description

The site is built on the ASP.NET platform using C#. However, the backbone and most important parts of BMC are the Ad file generation modules which are implemented using PDF and Image manipulation libraries. Microsoft's SQL Server is used for data storage and it is hosted on virtual machines on the Azure cloud platform. The site can be accessed from any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.