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What Foreign Currency Express

Foreign Currency Express (FCX) is a transaction processing system for currency exchange businesses. It is especially useful for franchises or store chains, as it stores and manages all transactional data in a central repository which can be accessed from anywhere. This enables the central management of these franchises or store chains to completely delegate the responsibility of entering, and managing transactions to each business location, while allowing them to 'keep an eye' on the whole process, review the data and generate reports. FCX is mobile friendly, intuitive, easy to use and oriented towards it's main purpose, which is management of transactional data. As such it automates some essential tasks such as continuously updating exchange rates data so that it's users always work with the latest exchange rates.

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FCX supports the full spectrum of transactions that a currency exchange business might make in its normal operations. This includes support for retail transactions, whole sale transactions with suppliers and any special orders that customers might have.

When it comes to currency exchange transactions, the compliance checks can be quite strict. However, this poses no problem for FCX as it uses a multilevel transaction processing logic. It categorizes transactions on different levels based on the amount of the transaction and automatically performs all the necessary checks depending on which level the transaction is classified. If this compliance checks raise any red flags or the data entered is not complete, it will not enter the transaction. 

Good inventory management is essential for the performance of a transaction processing system and FCX does not disappoint in this area. It supports a per location inventory management logic. This means that each franchise branch or store in the store chain can use the system to manage its own inventory and of course, central management has access to all inventory data from every location.

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No transaction processing system would be complete without reporting functionality and in this aspect, FCX goes above and beyond by offering over 20 different types of reports each of which supports different filters and grouping that allow it's users to get a all the data they need to form a clear idea of the business' performance.

FCX aims to give it's admin users as much control as possible in administrating the system and it does this by allowing them to configure all the essential parts of the system. They can manage the existing stores and location of the franchise or store chain or add new ones including their inventories. So as your business grows, FCX helps to keep the level of management complexity the same.

Another very powerful feature of FCX is the fine grained user access control it offers. Administrators, of course have full access to the system and they can manually determine the specific actions other users can perform on the system as well as how they are associated with the different locations and stores. Unlike other systems which operate on a role based access control where the authorization logic is hard coded, on FCX authorization is dynamic. Want to allow a user only to enter transactions but not be able to modify or delete them. No problem, simply check and uncheck the appropriate boxes and you're done.

The last feature of FCX is that it offers central management the ability to create announcements which show up on the screen of other every logged in user.

Technical Description

Developed as a web application with the ASP.NET MVC platform using C#. Azure SQL Server is used for data storage and it is hosted in the Azure cloud platform as an application service. The site can be accessed from any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.