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What is Media Plan?

Media Plan is a customized system for the management of ads and general marketing process for Top Channel Albania. The main goal of this system is to manage how publicity spots in the daily television program are filled with ads. The normal TV program (movies, news, etc) is preconfigured on Media Plan and then the marketing department's agents fill out the empty spaces with tv ads. The output of the system is the full 24-hour tv program which is then used by the programming department to broadcast the actual content on the TV Channel.

Media Plan has a security system with different roles and privileges. Features of the system are grouped in four specific roles:

  1. Admins
  2. Marketing Agent
  3. Financial Analyst
  4. Traffic manager
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Users or admin role have highest privileges and mainly their purpose is to check other users work and get reports – this way they can take strategic decisions for next seasons.

The traffic managers are responsible for the scheduling the program each day. They set up programs and respective publicity cuts with correct durations. These will be used to creating media plans by marketing agents.

The Financial Analyst's responsibility is to set prices for each program publicity cut created by traffic manager. There are different policies for prices based on the contracts and customers or even in specific programs or their broadcast time. All the pricing logic is handled by the system and the financial analyst gets reports based on that logic.


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The main work in the system is made by marketing agents. Every agent has its own customers and for each customer there are different discount policies, industries where the customer is included and these industries serve as categories for commercials. Every commercial is a member of an industry and this relation is used in the reporting module.

After creating customers, an agent create contracts for them and after that he creates entities called “Media Plan” which is a picture of the customer commercials and programs, schedules and publicity cuts in which these commercials will be broadcasted.

Based on configurations for prices for each program publicity cut and their broadcast time (prime time or not) system automatically generates a view called “Financial Analysis” which is presented to the customer before approving the media plan and sending it to the traffic manager to prepare the list of programs and commercials for broadcasting.

All the info stored in the system is provided to admins in different point of views by a list of reports.

Technical Description

Developed as a web application with the ASP.NET platform using C#. Microsoft's SQL Server is used for data storage and it is hosted on Top Channel's dedicated server. The sistem is accessible only on the Top Channel's intranet from any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.