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What is PMS-DC (PayTV and Mobile System for Distribution Chains)

PMS-DC is a system developed for Albanian PayTV (DigitAlb) and mobile network (AlbTelecom, Plus, Telekom Albania) distributors. It is used by some of the main distribution chains in Albania, Kosovo and Europe. PMS-DC offers functionalities that handle all of the important aspects of the distribution network.
At it's core, the system is integrated with the distributor's own systems by using the web services they expose. By doing this, every operation registered on PMS-DC is immediately transferred and registered on the distributor's systems. An additional benefit of this integration is that the system's data are always synced with the latest data from the distributors and can perform fully or half automated reconciliation. 
The distributors themselves have point of sales and re-sellers, so naturally, the system offers full management of point of sales and re-sellers including different commission levels, two-level re-sellers, centrally controlled permissions, handling of payments, etc.
PMS-DC is accessible by both distributors and re-sellers and apart from allowing them to register their transactional data it provides full analytic and financial reports and the ability to export them so that they can be used by the distributor's internal systems.
Lastly, the two-level logging and monitoring system of PMS-DC makes sure that its users always know every operation performed in the distribution chain. The first level log data are accessible by our clients' system administrators and, if this information still is not enough, we can provide additional data by examining our internal logs.
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The system is offered both as:
  • SaaS (Software as a Service). PMS-DC is hosted in our servers on the Google Cloud Platform, and the only things needed to access it are an internet connection and a web browser. We take care of all administrative tasks and make sure the system is always up and running.
  • On Premises Hosting. If the SaaS model is not a viable option PMS-DC can be hosted on the clients' dedicated server.
Currently the system is being used Arfa, Smartsell and Gjermar in Albania, Avartos and MobiCom in Kosovo, Kumanova Cable in Macedonia, Alb Media SAT and Arsat in Switzerland and Daxa in Germany.

Technical Description

Developed as a web application with the ASP.NET platform using C#. Microsoft's SQL Server is used for data storage and it can be hosted on virtual machines on the Google cloud platform or on a dedicated server. The site can be accessed from any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.