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Sound Ecology

Sound Ecology is a system that helps recruitment agencies evaluate candidates for job vacancies during their recruitment process. Recruiters (known as clients by Sound Ecology) from different companies get registered on the system and then they send details for a position to the system admin who creates the positions and for each one, specific tests to evaluate candidates. The system has 4 types of entities:

  • Administrators - These users have full access to the system. In cooperation with clients they create the job positions and specific tests for each position
  • Assessors - These users score candidate's responses to test questions.
  • Candidates - These are the users that take the tests
  • Clients - These are recruiters and/or companies.


Project image
Project image

First, Clients get registered by admins in the system. After this they can request new positions to be registered and provide the tests with the real life business scenarios for each test. 

After the positions and the tests are created candidates are created by administrators at the request of clients and they are invited to take the tests for the positions they are applying in. 

Once candidates are registered for a test they receive an email with the details and instructions on how to take the test.

After receiving the email with instructions, candidates log in to the site and complete the test's questions. Their answers are then scored by assessors. The scoring criteria depends on the requirements for the position and the specifications that arrive from the client. 

Once testing is completed a score report is generated which includes graphical a radar screen that indicates the candidate's strengths and weaknesses

Technical Description

Developed as a web application with the ASP.NET platform using C#. Microsoft's SQL Server is used for data storage and it is hosted in a virtual machine in Azure cloud platform. The application can be accessed from any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.