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TV Ad Management

TV Ad Management is a system developed to help marketing agencies track how ads ordered by their clients are broadcasted on TV networks. Typically they will record all the TV stations they monitor and an operator will watch the content to mark the commercials. For each broadcasted commercial, the operator enters the channel, date and time and select an ad from a predefined list in the system. All the data entered into the system are saved in a central repository and can be queried to build reports at any time.

So, the goal of the system is to, on one hand partially automate the monitoring process thus making the operator's job easier and on the other hand provide reports to to agencies about the handling and progress of their client's orders.

Project image
Project image

TV Ad Management offers 4 very important functionalities to it's users.

  • Master data configuration - an easy and intuitive interface to manage details for TV channels, categories, clients, services, etc.
  • Manage commercials - Register all the commercials the agency is interested for. Details include name, company, type of service, length, etc.
  • Register broadcasted commercials - The main module that operators use in their day to day work. Every broadcasted commercial is registered along with the TV channel and date/time.
  • Reporting - The system provides several reports, such as:
    • Analytical report of broadcasted commercials in an interval, for a specific TV channel and for specific client.
    • Comparative report between different clients.
    • Commercial report calculating the times each commercial was aired and categorizing it by prime time or not, weekend or not, etc.

Technical Description

The solution was developed as a Windows Forms with C# on .NET 2.0. Microsoft's SQL Server is used for data storage. All the data are stored in a central database and every application instance communicates with this database through a LAN