Database Development

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A Database is the core of almost every application. It  is more than just a collection of tables, schemas, queries, and reports; it is the backbone of your entire solution. Our experts can assist you to:

  • Data modeling to establish a baseline understanding of the unique needs of the organization and database requirements.
  • Conceptual, logical, and physical design modeling to develop an effective information architecture.
  • Implementation and rigorous testing of the newly designed database.
  • Apply best practices to all aspects of planning, development, deployment and security.
  • Database migration from and to different providers, as well as Cloud based solutions.

Additionally, more and more companies of all sizes have realized the tremendous potential of data, but converting the data into actionable intelligence can be a challenge. Our data analytics team services include:

  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics: Data collection through ETL, designing data warehouses, management reporting through reports and dashboards.
  • Big data solutions: Effectively resolve data volume, velocity, and variety challenges; Effortlessly incorporate external data sources for analysis.
  • Advanced data analytics: Data mining, forecasting, text analytics, optimization, complex event processing.