Custom PDF Editor


Pragmatic Software’s custom PDF solution offers a fast and easy way to dynamically create and modify pdf documents with a full HTML/CSS support.  It creates the possibility of working with images, layers of backgrounds (including opacity attribute) as well as formatting texts – changing fonts, sizes, colors etc.

It is possible to work on existing templates or start from a new blank document.

You will be able to set the position and dimensions of every object added into the document. Also, it allows you to add effects such as rotating (texts, images or geometric shapes like rectangles, circles, ellipses, etc.) or coloring specific areas like rectangles, polygons or areas specified by curved lines. When working with colors you can choose between RGB or CMYK color codes depending if the target is print or screen. It also supports a grayscale option which makes you able to convert the document in a black & white version.

After having finished editing the document you can save it as a pdf or even as an image format (ex: .jpg, .png etc.).

It’s possible to use this solution online or as a custom Windows application.


A sample PDF created with Custom PDF Editor:


Stack of technology used to develop this software includes:


jQuery & Bootstrap

Microsoft SQL Server

Cloud Computing


What is AbcPDF?

It is a third party component fully built in C# which gives the possibility to manage objects of a pdf document and is constantly being updated to support newer versions of the PDF specifications. By that, we are encouraged to update our solution too.

AbcPDF is simple in use and yet powerful. It doesn’t limit you for having low level control and high precision on the way the objects are created and managed on your pdf document.

It gives you the possibility to display or print any PDF document. You can stream rasterized images to your client browser and also rasterize and save in a variety of formats and color.

AbcPDF is lightweight and performance oriented, supports multithreading environments, supports Unicode and Complex Language.