Pontus HMS is the best choice for managing small and medium sized hotels. This product helps hotel managers to coordinate all their daily activities like making reservations, checking in/out, billing etc., in order to provide a high quality service to its customers. It’s easy to use and integrates easily with third party components.

Pontus HMS offers high flexibility to its users regarding  the configuration of different entities such as Rooms, Room Types, Capacities, Categories, Services, and Packages. It also helps having a clear view of the state of the hotel at any moment by using plenty of statistical reports. Some of the main functionalities of the product are:

  • Support for different user roles – it provides three roles for the users which are: Admin, Manager and Receptionist. Admins have full permission on the system meanwhile other roles have only the required permissions to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Configuration module – it allows a manager to firstly set up all needed entities to start working as a hotel, such as room types, rooms, reservation types, room capacities, room categories, other services and packages offered by the hotel.
  • Reservations – allows the users to add information related to the customers and their reservations. Users can also manage the list of reservations and switch their statuses (ex. a reservation status can switch from pending to confirmed or canceled).
  • Booking – a receptionist will be able to fulfill check in/out actions.
  • Reports – Pontus HMS has a list of meaningful reports. These reports’ main goals are to inform regarding the current situation of the hotel and the trends of hotel occupation for different time intervals.




Stack of technology used to develop this software includes:


jQuery & Bootstrap

Microsoft SQL Server

Cloud Computing

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