Winery & Brewery


Pragmatic Winery & Brewery is a web application modeled to be used for wine and/or beer production management. It targets small to medium size companies and is delivered through Cloud Computing so you don’t have to worry about infrastructure. The system tracks all winery / brewery activities including:

  • Farmers & Cultivar registration - It is possible to register farmers with their location in map and cultivars with their codes.
  • Initial Ingredient Registration – You can register all initial ingredients that you’ll use for the production process, such as grapes, barley, malt, etc.
  • Process Registration – The system is designed to give you the possibility to register any kind of processes performed on the ingredients. You define what fields are necessary for a specific process and then fill out the process details.
  • Analysis Registration – A very important part on wine / beer production is the different analysis performed during the process. Again the system is designed so you can create different type of analysis and for each type define the necessary fields.
  • Mixtures and Containers – During the production process it’s necessary to move the ingredients between containers and / or mix them. The system is designed to keep track of all movements and mixtures so you can always track the ingredients and offers a visual way to view the full history.
  • Full Cycle – Using the features, you can track all activities starting with the initial ingredients and ending with the final bottled product.
  • History and Archive – Whenever an ingredient is transformed into another as the result of a mixture we keep track of the original. This is useful in order to have e full history, but also gives you the ability to register processes and analysis that you have missed by going back in time.


Stack of technology used to develop this software includes:

  1. NET MVC
  2. jQuery & Bootstrap
  3. Microsoft SQL Server
  4. Cloud Computing


Pricing depends on the volume of data registered in the software and it starts as low as $49/month. If you would like a quote, please contact us.