At Pragmatic Software we are focused on providing high quality solutions independently of the technology we use. However choosing the right technology it's important to create a solution that works, within the constraints of time and money. We are experienced in the following technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET Stack
    • ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC / Core
    • SOAP/REST Web Services, WCF, Remoting
    • Windows Forms, WPF
    • Azure Web apps, mobile apps, Azure services
    • OWIN/Katana middleware
    • Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Service, SSIS
  • Web
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • JavaScript, jQuery
    • Bootstrap, Pure CSS, AngularJS
  • Mobile
    • Ionic Framework
    • Node.js
    • Cordova/PhoneGap plugins

Agile Methodology

We acknowledge that a specific methodology doesn’t guarantee success and we don’t engage on “wars” on what’s best. However even the best teams without the right methodology will not deliver a great product. This is why we have embraced agile methodologies early on and it has served us well. We use:

  • Short one week iterations
  • Trello to capture and track user stories
  • Estimates from the developers for each user story
  • Continuous integration in our SVN repository
  • Test-Driven Development